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COVID-19 Data & Code Reuse Competition

The Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal invites researchers and general public to take part in the COVID-19 Data & Code Reuse Competition. Participants should complete small-scale projects that make use of publicly shared data and/or code to combat the COVID-19 pandemic or any future pandemics.

Three winning projects will be awarded support from the SciLifeLab Data Centre to promote the project and/or to enable follow-up work. The exact type of support provided will be tailored to the needs of each project. Support could comprise of, for example, free hosting for one year, free storage for one year, a feature on the COVID-19 Data portal (e.g. as a data highlight or a page with visualisations), and/or visibility through press and social media of SciLifeLab and SciLifeLab Data Centre.

We welcome various types of project. Projects could, for example, involve the reanalysis of existing publicly available data using a method different from that used originally or to answer a different question than in the original research. Alternatively, projects might reuse publicly shared code to process a new set of data. Other possibilities include projects that produce individual visualisations, dashboards presenting publicly shared data in a novel way or web-services devoted to data and analyses. The emphasis of the projects submitted should be to maximise the utility of existing data and/or code.

Who can submit an entry?

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We are happy to answer any questions regarding the competition. You can get in touch with us by submitting a question through this form or sending an email to

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