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Health data

Special section on Omicron VoC: data & announcements
Swedish Intensive Care Register

Statistics about ICU admissions in Sweden.

Public Health Agency of Sweden: Number of cases and tests

Official statistics about COVID-19 cases and tests in Sweden.

Public Health Agency of Sweden: Number of administered vaccine doses

Official statistics about the number of vaccines that have been administered in Sweden.

National Health Metadata Repository - RUT

Metadata for Swedish national health registers.

SciLifeLab Autoimmunity and Serology profiling facility SARS-CoV-2 antibody test statistics

Statistics for the SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests carried out at SciLifeLab Autoimmunity and Serology profiling facility. Updated manually.

CRUSH Covid data and dashboard, Region Uppsala

Number of tests and % positivity in each postal code in Uppsala län.

COVID Symptom Study Sweden

National research initiative for large-scale data collection and analysis of symptoms, exposure, and risk factors associated with the COVID-19 infection.

National Pandemic Centre COVID-19 test statistics

Automatically generated daily statistics for the COVID-19 tests carried out at NPC between April and December 2020.

Statistics on post COVID-19 condition in Sweden

Information regarding the diagnoses associated with long-term affects following COVID-19 infection. Includes relevant demographic data as well as data on associated symptoms, research projects focused on the condition, and background information. Data updated monthly.

Vaccine administration and vaccine research

Visualizations of the vaccine administration in Sweden, research projects on vaccines, publications on vaccines.