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Upcoming funding calls on COVID-19 by major Swedish funding agencies

This is a list of upcoming funding opportunities offered by major funding agencies in Sweden: Swedish Research Council, NordForsk, Vinnova, Horizon 2020, SciLifeLab/Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation grants.

Last updated: 2020.12.09

SciLifeLab/KAW: COVID-19 pandemic research and preparedness

Deadline: 15.01.2021
Call homepage:

SciLifeLab is opening five calls for proposals on COVID-19 research that are announced at the same time to help scientists plan their efforts in light of the funding possibilities. Two calls represent the continuation of the ongoing KAW-supported SciLifeLab coordinated COVID-19 research program initiated in the spring of 2020. One call is specifically targeting effects of vaccination. One call will focus on suggestions (letter of intent) for ideas on pandemic preparedness and one on suggestions for data-driven research on COVID-19 (letter of intent). Detailed instructions for the applications for these calls will be made available in the next few weeks.

  1. Proposals from existing research areas (RAs) in the SciLifeLab-KAW COVID-19 program
    Application accepted from: existing PIs of the ongoing research areas can participate, along with new PIs from anywhere in Sweden who wish to join and have relevant new contributions.
    Budget per project: 5-10 MSEK for the period 2021-2022.
  2. Proposals from individual scientists with new contributions to the SciLifeLab-KAW COVID-19 research program
    Application accepted from: all PIs at a Swedish university.
    Budget per project: 1-2 MSEK per year for 2021 and 2022.
  3. New KAW supported COVID-19 research program on vaccine effects
    Application accepted from: team science applications by PIs at any Swedish university and collaborators in health care.
    Budget per project: 7.5 MSEK for the period 2021-2022.
  4. Laboratory preparedness for pandemics
    Application accepted from: all PIs and teams of PIs across Sweden.
    Budget per project: 2-5 MSEK per year for a single well-established facility; 10+ MSEK per year for platforms with a broad repertoire of technologies.
  5. Data-driven life science (DDLS) on COVID-19
    Application accepted from: all PIs or teams of PIs at Swedish universities or other stakeholders.
    Budget per project: up to 1 MSEK for the year 2021.

Swedish Research Council: Project grant for research on viruses and virus-caused disease conditions

Deadline: 17.03.2021
Call homepage:

The purpose of the grant is to give researchers the freedom to formulate their own research ideas, methods and implementation, and to solve a defined research task within a limited period of time. The focus of this call is on long-term research into basic virology and fundamental disease mechanisms caused by viruses.

The grant period is 1–3 years, and the maximum grant amount is 2.5 million SEK per year. You may not apply for this grant if you are the project leader for ongoing career support in basic virology research.