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Swedish COVID-19 Biobank Registry

In collaboration with Biobank Sweden, the Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal team is currently developing the COVID-19 Biobank Registry where information about samples relevant for COVID-19 research in Swedish biobanks will be made available. This project is created as part of the effort to coordinate the collection of and access to samples linked to COVID-19 by the Swedish Research Council.

The Swedish COVID-19 Biobank Registry will allow researchers to look for sample collections meeting their research needs in the biobanks all over Sweden with a simple search function. It is planned that the researchers will be able to search using keywords, filter by collection type, available biological materials, available data types, donor diagnoses. For each collection, the researchers will find contact information for sample requests.

The launch of the Swedish COVID-19 Biobank Registry is planned for the beginning of 2021. The service will be a part of the Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal.

This information was last updated: 2020.12.09