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Share data

Publish your COVID-19 research data to make it available for the rest of the research community. The data should be deposited in a public repository together with descriptive metadata. For many biological datatypes, there are international databases that can be considered de facto standards.

Submitting data

SciLifeLab ( or NBIS ( can provide personal consultations for where and how to share data in a public database. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Your research group does not have to be affiliated with any particular institution to get our help, we are available to help everyone affiliated with a university in Sweden.

The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) hosts many different international data repositories which should be used if appropriate. For further information, see their COVID-19 Data Portal data submission page. For data types where no suitable international repository is available, your data can be deposited to the SciLifeLab Data Repository which is run by the SciLifeLab Data Centre. For human data which needs to be stored in a safe environment with controlled access, SciLifeLab can help with publishing and access control.

Below are our data submission guidelines for each specific data type. you can also find information in The European COVID-19 Data Portal data submission information.

General data repositories

Most life science data types can be published as raw or processed data in repositories at the EMBL-EBI as described under Data types. When no archive is suitable, use a general purpose repository such as Figshare or Zenodo. This includes documents, presentations, figures, protocols, or other information that you want to make public at any stage in the research process. A publication here is permanent, and provides a Digital Object Identifier, DOI.

SciLifeLab supports COVID-19 related data to be published in the SciLifeLab Data Repository.

If you have datasets related to COVID-19 research that are best suited for this type of repository, please contact the SciLifeLab Data Centre at or visit our repository support page.

Published data at General Data Repositories

Figshare COVID-19 open research data

Zenodo Coronavirus Disease Research Community